Lexar MicroSD – 1TB


Introducing the Lexar MicroSD 1TB, the ultimate storage solution for your digital world. With its massive 1TB capacity, this microSD card empowers you to capture, store, and transfer all your photos, videos, and files with ease. Let’s delve into the remarkable features and exceptional performance that make the Lexar MicroSD 1TB a game-changer.


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Unlock the full potential of your devices with the Lexar MicroSD 1TB. It is 4K UHD ready, meaning it can handle the demands of recording and playing back high-quality 4K Ultra HD videos without any hiccups. Capture your adventures, important moments, and stunning landscapes in breathtaking detail, preserving memories for years to come.

The Lexar MicroSD 1TB delivers lightning-fast read and write speeds, allowing you to capture and transfer content seamlessly. With up to 150MB/s read speed and 100MB/s write speed, this microSD card ensures quick file transfers, smooth playback of high-definition videos, and rapid app loading, enhancing your overall user experience.

The Lexar MicroSD 1TB is built to withstand extreme conditions. It is temperature-proof, water-proof, shock-proof, and X-ray-proof, ensuring that your precious data remains safe and secure, even in the harshest environments. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or simply going about your daily life, trust in the durability and reliability of SanDisk’s renowned technology.

This microSD card is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, action cameras, drones, and more. It supports high-performance Android devices and is optimized for faster app performance, quick file transfers, and smooth multitasking. Additionally, the included SD adapter allows you to use the microSD card with devices that have a standard SD card slot.