Apple Watch Ultra 4G


Keep track of your progress while exercising with the robust Apple Watch Ultra 4G. This sturdy titanium watch can take a beating. The Apple Watch Ultra is dust resistant, waterproof and specially made for outdoor activities. The changeable strap with rust-resistant titanium hook always stays firmly on your wrist.


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Ready for adventure: The most rugged and versatile Apple Watch ever. Featuring a titanium case, accurate dual-frequency GPS, up to 36 hours of battery life, the freedom of a mobile network connection, and three bands designed specifically for avid athletes and adventurers.

Looks strong: To develop the ultimate sports watch with which you can do practically anything, we have meticulously thought out every part. We used titanium because it is light, robust and rust-resistant at the same time. We made the new case protrude slightly above the sapphire glass, so that the glass is protected against a side blow. We’ve made the Digital Crown and the button on the side bigger. This makes it easier to operate them, even when wearing gloves.

The largest and brightest Apple Watch display ever: Bright sunlight is no problem for this always-on Retina display with a brightness of 2000 nits, twice as bright as any other Apple Watch. And because the bezel of the display is so thin, you have more room for workout data and watch faces packed with information.

Signpost with Night mode: The Signpost watch face is designed specifically for Apple Watch Ultra. This allows you to quickly switch between a clock and a compass. And you also have room for eight functions. When it gets dark, turn the Digital Crown to activate Night Mode and the watch face glows bright red.

Ready for action: With the new Action button you have direct access to many different functions. You can set it up the way you want, such as starting your workout, marking your location with a waypoint or starting a diving session. That way it is always ready to go. Just like you.

Continue. Go wild: Whether it’s your first run in ages, you’re training for the 10 kilometers, or you’re going to sink your teeth into an ultramarathon: you’re someone who doesn’t shy away from a physical challenge. Apple Watch Ultra is the workout buddy that helps you push your limits.

Motivation to the decimal point: To improve as an athlete, you need useful data. Updates to the Workout app, such as new stats and views, give you all the information you need to outperform yourself. And thanks to the larger display you have even more insight into even more measurement data.

GPS breaking new ground: Good GPS is indispensable for athletes who want to accurately track their performance, whether you train in the city or in nature. Apple Watch Ultra has ultra-accurate dual-frequency GPS that can determine your location in even the most difficult places.

Developed for extreme precision: The dual-frequency system is linked to Apple Maps for even more detailed driving, cycling and walking routes. New satellites provide greater accuracy. And an advanced, specially developed algorithm makes optimal use of available satellite signals.

The compass chooses a new course: In the great outdoors, a good compass is just as indispensable as good hiking boots. The Compass app has been redesigned and now offers completely new views and functions. So you can find your way better than ever, just from your wrist.

Meter by meter more info: Start with a classic compass, complete with a digital display of your direction that refreshes continuously. Zoom in with a twist of the Digital Crown and you’ll see even more in the spacious

Please note the following:
To use the 4G function you need an eSim subscription. So check carefully whether your provider offers these subscriptions. No adapter is included, so if you want to charge the watch via the wall socket, use the adapter of your phone charger or order a separate adapter. To use Apple Watch you need an iPhone 8 or newer with iOS 16 or newer.